Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome on my blog!

This is my first post on my new blog site. I haven’t been blogging too much yet before though I had a blog at this domain a time ago. But I decided to get back to it and set up my site again. So here it is..

Here I’d like to share my ideas, thoughts, tutorials, solutions, experiments and whatever comes out of my mind during my daily work and development. Since I’m Adobe Flex & AIR developer I will most likely focus on the Adobe Flash Platform. But I would also like to explore other waters of the whole ocean of technologies when I get an opportunity.

It’s really exciting to be a Flash/Flex/AIR developer these days. But it’s also overwhelming! The amount of information and news from Adobe in this field today is really a blast and I can hardly decide what I’d like to check first. After the latest Adobe MAX 2010 it’s even harder since the Adobe Flash Platform is now expanding from desktop computers to mobile devices (smart-phones, tablets) and TVs. So it’s also challenging to keep up the pace with all these inovations. But I believe it’s a great way how to strengthen the position of this wonderful platform against the competition and make it more successful.

Enjoy these days!